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  • Shulkie cancelled. Let us commiserate together with my favorite thing ever: donuts. Cake donuts. Don't be coming in here with glaze, you hateful banshees.
  • Say it aint so! This book was so awesome
  • ldomm asked:
    How, oh how, did you make your incredible Spidergwen cosplay? I've been trying to pull together a homemade version myself and nothing lives up to reasonable standards. Yours is absolutely brilliant. Any help would be so appreciated! :)

    First I found a pattern for a hooded sweatshirt, and a simple black tank top body suit and sewed them up, I literally drew where I wanted the black to fit while I was wearing it so they would land in the right place. I cut the back down the middle for a zipper and left a hole in the back of the hood from my head to get through! I also cut the hood fabric way bigger than the pattern asked then I used a large piece of paper to make the rest of the pattern pieces (the purple triangles on the arms, the back spider details etc) and made sure they fit my body perfectly by pining them to the suit while it was on. I did all the webbing by hand before sewing the pieces on using fabric paint from Walmart. It was definitely not an easy costume to make! I think the important thing is not to use too stretchy a fabric, as it will be hard to see it perfectly to your body shape. I hope that helps!! Let me know if you have more questions :)

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    A hilarious regram from the ridiculously talented @kwinones!

    This wicked and divine shirt is the best! Also @datticus, haha!

    NYCC was crazy fun! I made new friends, met some of the coolest people in comics and saw X Japan!


    Some of the cosplayers from Spider-GweNYCC 2014. 

    So awesome!

    Whoa! It’s Jason Latour!!!

    Ahh! I got a mandatory Kelly Sue Deconnick selfie!

    It’s freaken Matt Fraction!!